Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“Your high level of professionalism and attention to detail make my job easier. Thank you for all that you do for [CDC]!”

“Your professionalism, dedication, and talent have been critical to keeping the public informed about [CDC's] public health messages and activities.”
--Health Communication Specialist

“You have been fantastic to work with....Thank you for being so great and for making my job so easy and fun!”
--Health Communication Specialist

“Thank you for continuing to provide exemplary customer service!”
--Program Analyst

“Thank you for your consistent attention to detail. The team at Infoventures (IVI) has been a pleasure to work with throughout this launch.”
--Public Health Advisor

“Your standards are high quality, timely, professional, and always going the extra mile. You have outstanding managers and team leaders. And here's the best bonus: you're fun, pleasant, and great people to work with!! In short, you made us look good and you enabled us to do a better job of protecting the public's health. We can't thank you enough!!”
--Associate Director for Policy

“All of you worked very well as a team to accomplish so many of our requests. Your relationship with each other is a very important part of how well the projects were always kept on task."
--Health Communication Specialist

“It is with my most sincere appreciation that I write this letter to thank you for all of the work that you put into coordinating the logistical arrangements for the [conference sponsored by CDC]... I have worked with many contractors, and I must say that you are among the very best! You are professional, courteous, attentive to detail, timely, flexible, and your work is of the very highest quality. However, what I appreciate most about working with you is your true commitment to our shared goal: a successful conference. And I am pleased to say that we met and exceeded that goal! You all make an outstanding team!”
--Health Scientist

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

"You guys are such pros! It was a pleasure to work with you today. I liked that you had already done research on our site and other sites, and that you seem to know the topic area well. I liked that you came with a scientific background; so often we don't have the luxury of working with consultants who actually understand what we do here.”

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

"I appreciate the effort you and your staff made to complete this report in a timely fashion. Even though we had some time consuming delays executing the contract, you were able to perform your responsibilities in a most efficient manner. Throughout the preparation of this document, you and your staff were responsive, efficient, and knowledgeable. In the three years I have been editing this report, your drafts were some of the most professional I have reviewed. Your performance was the key to preparing this document in the short timeframe we were working under. Again, thanks for the good job and the excellent cooperation I have received while working on this contract.”